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0101 fuse field recordings from Papua New Guinea with guitar loops and sample drums to cinematic Post-Rock. Carl and Daniel von Rüdiger take you on a hypnotic voyage into an intriguing world of audio-visual loops. When the trip ends, you find yourself at a beginning, without knowing how you got there.

Daniel von Rüdiger

is a filmmaker, photographer, musician and lecturer. His musical visualizations have been screened at international festivals, receiving amongst other awards, the Visual Music Award. He works as a social documentary filmmaker for NGOs and teaches at the Academy of Art and Design, Basel. His documentations have been exhibited in the Gropius-Bau (Berlin), Rietberg Museum (Zürich) and Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane).
His artistic research in course of a PhD at the University of Art and Design Linz compares visual and auditory rhythm. As with 0101, this combines his two passions: rhythm and social documentation.


is a guitar player, human, social worker, citizen, vegan and much more.
As a guitarist – autodidact; as musician – illiterate. Socialized by punk-rock and hardcore, Carl overcomes the limits of convention in spite of musical borders and defines his guitar style far away from any genre. His interest lies in vintage solid-state amps, analogue stomp-boxes and P-90 pickups. He uses midi-controlled and synchronized stereo loops to let his minimal riffs appear as a monumental wall of sound.


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The self-titled debut record (released 31th August 2018) is the musical output of the Audiovisual Live Performance 1Hz.
Meeting some post-rock tradition, the two songs of the record have together a length of 33 minutes.
By involving field-recordings the pieces reflect the work of the inhabitants in the village of Kambot, at the shore of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. KANU documents the manufacture and transport of an dugout canoe and SAGO the harvesting and processing of the staple food Sago.
Vocals are used very sparely. In KANU a field-recording intermezzo lets the people of Kambot raise their voices. SAGO too works with documentary voices and the looped line: ›einfach und schwer vs komplex und leicht‹ (›simple and hard vs complex and easy‹). This text refers to the different living environment of a self-sustaining and a post-industrial society. Daniel von Rüdiger recorded the field recordings and video footage, in the course of a social-documentary expedition.
The recording was done in a live session. Fundamental for the live sound is the spatial acoustic of a huge factory building. This location was chosen, to archive a rough, live room sound. The room was miked, with close-up mikes used only as supplements. The mix was mastered on tape with a vintage Struder A80 ribbon machine.
Distinctive for the guitar sound are two old transistor amplifiers from the late 70s, as well as reverb and delay pedals. Carl bets on the combination of digital and analogue modules. The bass lines are played also with the guitar and pitched down by an octave. This signal is sent to a bass amp, which completes the stereo guitar amp setup.
Daniel von Rüdiger sets up his sample-drums with sequence software, using his field recordings to create a distinctive vibe. The result is an amalgam of sterile industrial sounds and agile noises. The spatial acoustic keeps both together and gives the digital percussion instruments its analogue touch.
For recording, editing, mixing and mastering 0101 work closely with Reinhard Gross, head of the studio and label Hicktown Records. In cooperation with Hicktown the record will have a digital worldwide release, which is distributed by Cargo Records. Besides stream and download, the record will be issued as a 100-piece limited-edition vinyl. This will be an 180g individual printed art edition, available on bandcamp only.



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The audiovisual live performance 1Hz brings loop based music and cinematic visuals together.
It is part of Daniel von Rüdigers PhD at the University of Art and Design, Linz. In his practice based artistic research, he compares visual and auditory rhythm. Asynchronism of moving images and music stands at the core of this investigation.
The visuals are understood as an independent rhythmical instrument. The footage which is therefore used, was recorded in the course of a social-documentary by Daniel von Rüdiger in Papua New Guinea. It was produced by the Museum der Kulturen (Museum of Culture), Basel and exhibited, among others, in the Gropius Bau, Berlin and the Museum Rietberg, Zürich. The use of the documentary footage, in the context of an audio-visual live performance, provokes questions concerning the ‚Critical Whiteness‘ debate.
Standardisation of time is essential for a process of production. In a society, that considers time as money, this process is constantly professionalised. A highly advanced state of synchronisation in the music collides with natural body movement in the visuals and the original sound track. Two living environments are opposed: „simple and hard vs. complex and easy“.
The performances consist of two pieces. Both document residents of the village Kambot following their daily work. KANU deals with the building and transport of a dugout and SAGO shows the harvesting and processing of the staple food sago.
1Hz is presented as a rear projection on transparent foil. On that way the artists appear as shadows on the screen and merge with the protagonists of the documentary. The title 1Hz refers to its tempo 60 bpm. The performance is arranged in loops lasting four bars equal to 16 seconds. The project emphasizes its process and not a final result. Through inclusion of constant variation the differentiation of the work is ensured. The first version (1Hz | 001) was released in the course of an Artist in Residence at the Kasseler Dokfest in 2015.

  • 1Hz 012 | 13.09.2018 | Galerie Maison 44 | Basel CH



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0101 is responsible for the score of the documentary Kanu belong Keram by Daniel von Rüdiger. The short-documentary was produced by Elizabeth Cox and co-produced by the Museum of Culture, Basel. It is shown there in the permanent exhibition GROSS. The documentary was screened and awarded international at film festivals.
0101 was honoured with the Award of Recognition for Best Score at the International Independent Documentary Awards 2016; in Hollywood, USA

Kanu belong Keram is a document of the building of a canoe in the remote village Kambot. The building of a canoe can be seen as an example of the importance and greatness of community work. Just the strength of many people can achieve something so big and heavy. The indigene population is highly adapted to their environment. The strength of their bodies, the synchronization as a group and practical know how is compensating the lack of technical equipment. The film shows how much joy can be triggered in community work, in archiving something great as a group and by keeping a strong link with nature.

starring among others: Markus Nowep,  Epi Mari, Sentoni Mupa, Gregor Mokoinyamb,  Jandu Mokoinyam, Peter Wariomb, Laro Mokoinyamb, Kipa Gaindumi,  Robert Kimbinja, Patrick Mupa, Robert Gowa, Akot Kimbinja,  Kem Gaindumi,  Yongi Mokoinyamb

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